“I was first attracted to the Phottix Indra500 and Indra360 because of the ultimate versatilely these lights provided. Features such as high-speed sync and TTL make these lights the perfect tools too add into any photographer’s arsenal.  One of the most important features in my photography is the ability to simply and efficiently control the light power from my camera. The Odin II provides intuitive control from my camera at the touch of a finger tip. With the proper the light and the ability to control the power output, I turn to my favorite light modifier, the Spartan. I’m a huge fan of smaller modifiers to shape and control the quality and direction of the light and no other modifier provides this ability in a flexible and lightweight design.
Because I shoot on location for the majority of my business, the portability, durability and lightweight nature of all Phottix strobes and accessories combines for a working photographer’s dream kit!”