In July of 2015, Don received the honor of joining the U.S. Phottix Pro Team. Since then, Don has included Phottix equipment and gear with all of his photo shoot assignments, along with providing live demonstrations during his instructional workshops, blog posts and video reviews. Don was also a beta tester for Phottix’s new converting octa-beauty dish, the Phottix Spartan.

A little more about Phottix…

Since its inception by a small group of like-minded photographers Phottix has been on the cutting-edge of innovation and excellence in the photographic industry. From the landmark Phottix Odin™ TTL Flash Trigger to the Phottix Indra360 TTL Studio Light, 2016’s TIPA Award-winning Best Professional Flash System, Team Phottix has and continues to develop new technologies while adapting existing technology with the feedback of photographers. Phottix’s current flagship trigger, the Odin II, was developed based on the input from professional and semi-professional photographers from around the world.

The Phottix track record speaks for itself. A holder of 40 patents, in the last five years Phottix has become a dominant force in the photography industry. Working with Light Alliance partners Elinchrom and Sekonic, the next generation of lighting solutions are being developed. As a result of their hardword and forward thinking, there are some amazing technologies on the horizon for photographers.

Highspeed Sync Using the Indra500 TTL


  • 500Ws or 360Ws Studio Strobe
  • TTL, Manual and Stroboscopic Modes
  • 1/8,000 Sec. Sync Speed Possible
  • Power Variable from 1/128 to Full
  • Built-in Odin Receivers for Nikon, Canon & Sony
  • Built-in Phottix Strato II Receiver
  • LED Modeling Light
  • Runs on AC or Battery Power


  • Compatible with Canon, Nikon and Sony i-TTL
  • Works with Indra, Mitros, Other Systems
  • 2.4 GHz Frequency, 328′ Range
  • 32 Channels with Digital ID, 5 Groups
  • Manual, TTL, and Ratio Flash Control
  • High Speed Sync & OverDrive Sync
  • Manual Power & Zoom Control
  • Remote Modeling Light Control with Indra
  • LCD Screen, Direct Access Buttons & Dial
  • AF Assist Light, USB Port for Updates