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RAW Photographic Studios

Jan 17th, 2017

In April of 2015 one of my biggest dreams as a photographer had finally come true! My brand new studio, RAW Photographic Studios.

For years I had bounced around from different studios and not one of them could come close in comparison to RAW.  Nothing was ever good enough.  Whether there wasn’t enough space, limited on sets/themes, undesirable location, no cyclorama wall, etc., etc. My ultimate goal was to provide not only a great studio for myself, but a place where I can house multiple photographers and their businesses.  I also had a vision of providing a space for photographers that only needed studio time on an hourly basis.  RAW Photographic does both of these and much more!

Doing all of this on my own sounded nice, but I knew going into it that I would need some help.   So I decided it would be best to bring on a team to help me bring this dream to a reality.  Let me introduce the co-owners: Tony Clapp, Roger Williams, Joe Rotruck, and Tyler Martin. These four guys are not just awesome photographers, but they also have incredible skills in other areas in which they have brought to the table to help RAW Photographic come to life.  Lets not forget about Jen (resident photographer) and Brian Swedhin for their awesome skills in demolition and construction.

Take a look below and see what we’ve done and what RAW has to offer!


Main Lobby and Kitchen

Warehouse and Cyc Wall

Corner Cyc Wall Raw Photgraphic


Main Lobby and Kitchen Post Construction

RAW Photographic Lobby and Kitchen

RAW Photographic Lobby

Raw Photographic Lobby

RAW Photographic Kitchen

2nd Floor Boudoir Room Post Construction

Warehouse/Cyc Wall Post Construction


Now check out the video tour of RAW Photographic Studios! (Pre-cyc wall and newly themed room)

You gotta check out the new studio, RAW! Haha!

Posted by Don Hales Photography on Thursday, April 28, 2016


RAW Photographic Highlights

With over 3,000 square feet of shootable space, from a fully equipped studio to professionally decorated rooms featuring natural light that can only be described as magical, RAW Photographic Studios has raised the bar for photography studios in Denver. We offer full time memberships and no-commitment part-time packages and hourly rates.


First floor:
-Newly remodeled throughout
-Dark wood floors
-Modern lounge
-Resource room with a variety of books and magazines
-Office Space
-Large private sales room with big screen tv, dimmable lights and couches
-Large warehouse with bay door, seamless paper and concrete floor
-Corner cyc wall 

Second Floor:
-Newly remodeled throughout
-Professional makeup station
-Changing area
-Wardrobe racks
-Dark faux-wood floors
-5 large windows
-Bedroom area
-Living area set
-Lots of natural light

**Rotating themed rooms (Currently Victoria’s Secret Theme)


I want to send out a HUGE thanks to everyone involved in helping me create this awesome place!! I couldn’t have done it without you all!  If you haven’t been down to RAW yet, what are you waiting for!??!?!  Come on down!  Photographers needing a place to shoot, please contact me at anytime!